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Kyoto’s leading power spot “Yasuikonpiragu Shrine” grants wishes for marriage


In Kyoto, when it comes to the deity of cutting ties, it is said that Yasui’s “Konpira-san” is a deity with a miraculous effect. The benefit is that you can cut off all unnecessary evils for yourself, such as illness, alcohol, tobacco, and gambling.

It is also said that you can make good connections with your health, work, family and friends who are important to you.

For that reason, it is constantly visited by worshipers from all over the country.

This time, we will introduce Kyoto’s leading power spot “Yasuikonpiragu”. 

History of “Yasuikonpiragu Shrine”

It is said that Yasuikonpiragu Shrine was built in the Asuka period by Kamatari Fujiwara to pray for the prosperity of his family. At that time, it was called “Fuji Temple” because purple wisteria was planted there.

Later, Emperor Sutoku liked this wisteria and repaired the desolate pagoda of the temple to make it a residence for ‘Ryuhime Karasumarudono’.

After that, Emperor Sutoku was defeated in the Hogen War (1156) and exiled to Sanuki (now Kagawa Prefecture), where he died in 1164 (2nd year of Chokan).

After the death of the Retired Emperor Sutoku, various misfortunes occurred in the capital, and rumors spread that it might be the resentment of the Retired Emperor Sutoku, and he was feared as a vengeful spirit. This legend is known as one of the “Three Great Vengeful Spirits” along with the vengeful spirits of Sugawara no Michizane and Taira no Masakado.

In 1177, the spirit of the Retired Emperor Sutoku appeared at Konpira-gu Shrine, showing the former prosperity of the declining Fuji Temple, and this is the origin of Yasui Konpira-gu Shrine.

The reason why it is said to cut ties

The reason why Yasuikonpiragu Shrine is worshiped as a place of prayer for severing ties is that the Retired Emperor Sutoku cut off all greed at Kotohiragu Shrine in Sanuki and entered the shrine. It was because the Retired Emperor Sutoku was saddened that he had to part with his beloved Karasumarudono due to the battle.

And it is said that such thoughts of the Retired Emperor Sutoku cut off all bad ties that hinder happy men and women, and it became a prayer place for severance.

Enkiri Enmusubi Monument (Stone)

In the precincts of Yasui Konpiragu Shrine, you can see the stacks of votive plaques with earnest wishes written on them. Among them, the most eye-catching is the huge stone covered with bills.

This is called “Enkiri Enmusubi Monument (Stone)”, and it is a stone that cuts bad relationships and grants good ones.It is said that the power of God is poured into the hole in the center of the megalith.


Prayer procedure to cut bad ties and connect good ones

The procedure for praying to cut bad ties and connect good ones is as follows, so please do not make a mistake in entering.

  1. Write your wish on a katashiro (substitution bill)
  2. Go through the hole from the front side of the megalith (this will break the bad relationship)
  3. Passing through the hole from the back side of the megalith (this will lead to a good match)
  4. Finally, stick the katashiro on which you wrote your wish on the huge stone.

It is said that there are no obstacles for married couples or lovers who are well-matched to visit the shrine, and their relationship is never broken.