Historical/Cultural property


Kyoto in winter|Momiji in the Tofukuji valley (Segyokukan) covered in pure white snow

Snow piles up at Tofuku-ji Temple, which is known as one of the best autumn leaves spots in Kyoto, and the pure white silver world is a superb view.

Kyoto|The history of Imamiya Shrine’s specialty “Aburi Mochi” and the difference between “Ichiwa” and “Kazariya”

Imamiya Shrine's "Aburi Mochi" is the oldest Japanese confectionery in Japan, dating back to the Heian period. It is called a candy that wards off evil.

The large torii of Imamiya Shrine, which is indispensable in Nishijin, Kyoto, has been revived!

The Otorii of Imamiya Shrine has been revived after 5 years. The construction took about seven months from September 5, 2022 to November 19, 2022. The architecture of shrines and temples is a traditional Japanese craftsmanship that must be handed down to the next generation.

A mysterious story about Seimei Shrine and its surroundings, where the Onmyoji “Abe no Seimei” is enshrined.

Seimei Shrine is a place to worship Abeno Seimei who is a famous onmyouji in middle of heian period.  And this shrine is located in the place that used to be a house of Abeno Seimei.  

The Ganrikisha of Mt. Inari where mysterious power dwells

Fushimi Inari Taisha shrine in Kyoto is famous, but do you know "Ganrikisha" enshrined in Mt. Inari, which walked ab...

Kawai Shrine in Kyoto has a “mirror votive tablet” that can be a beautiful woman and a “hojo” by Kamo Chomei!

Power spot in Kyoto! What makes a mirror-shaped votive tablet beautiful? What is the relationship between Kamo no Chomei and the shrine? Where did you write "Hojoki"?

Kyoto Gion Festival “Yamahoko Cruise” 2021 will be canceled!

This year too, the Yamahoko cruise is canceled due to the influence of the COVID-19! The Gion Festival ...

The area around Kyoto “Uji Park” is a treasure trove of history

"Kyoto Prefectural Uji Park" is an island in the Uji River that flows steadily over a thousand years (a general term for...

“Stone of Bond” in Yasui-Konpiraguu the shrine

I went to "Yasui-Konpiraguu" to get good connections and cut off bad connections. This shrine is famous for bringing "g...

Latest information of Autumn leaves of Kyoto “Tofukuji”

The autumn leaves at "Tofukuji Temple" have turned into red, And now is a good timing for seeing the beauty of Autumn l...