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April full moon “Pink Moon” seen in Kyoto

Overseas, the full moon that appears in April is called the “pink moon.” The origin is said to be named after “the full moon that appears when the pink flowers bloom”, and the moon does not turn pink.

It is said that wishes will come true if “Pink Moon” is used as a mobile phone standby screen or PC wallpaper, and it is attracting attention among young people as “love is beneficial”.

“Pink Moon” seen from Funaokayama

Funaokayama pink moon

Fresh greenery and pink moon

azalea flower

The “pink moon” seen through the gaps between the fresh green trees was large and clear to the naked eye, but the photo is a little lacking in power. However, the streaks of light emitted from “Pink Moon” gave the atmosphere unique to a camera.

The “azaleas” that bloomed nearby are illuminated by outdoor lights, giving them a beauty different from daytime.

Uppercase and “pink moon”

Daimonji Mountain and Pink Moon

Photo taken around 7 pm. “Right Uppercase” and “Pink Moon” were beautiful in the clear sky.

There is a full moon name for each month

Native Americans have a name on the full moon of every month.

[Called the full moon]

Month Native American Name
January Wolf Moon
February Snow Moon
March Worm Moon
April Pink Moon
May Flower Moon
June Strawberry Moon
July Buck Moon
August Sturgeon Moon
September Corn Moon
Harvest Moon
October Hunter’s Moon
Harvest Moon
November Beaver Moon
December Cold Moon

This year’s (2024) Pink Moon will be on April 24th (Wednesday) at 8:49am.