Kyoto|The history of Imamiya Shrine’s specialty “Aburi Mochi” and the difference between “Ichiwa” and “Kazariya”

Imamiya Shrine's "Aburi Mochi" is the oldest Japanese confectionery in Japan, dating back to the Heian period. It is called a candy that wards off evil.

Kyoto | Sakigakesakura at Hirano Shrine, which announces spring

On Monday, March 28, 2022, the "Sakigakesakura" that originated at Hirano Shrine is in full bloom. When these cherry blo...

The area around Kyoto “Uji Park” is a treasure trove of history

"Kyoto Prefectural Uji Park" is an island in the Uji River that flows steadily over a thousand years (a general term for...

April full moon “Pink Moon” seen in Kyoto

Overseas, the full moon that appears in April is called the "pink moon." The origin is said to be named after "the full ...

It feels so good! Take a walk along the shore of “Lake Biwa” Otsu Port

When I stepped out of the house, it was fine today. It's a waste to be in the house! Just because my eldest son was on ...

This year’s cherry blossoms are beautiful

Sakura on the Kamogawa river

“Afternoon tea” at a cafe with my wife

How many years has it been? I invite my wife to "afternoon tea" after taking care of our parent today. My wife looks v...

Latest information of Autumn leaves of Kyoto “Tofukuji”

The autumn leaves at "Tofukuji Temple" have turned into red, And now is a good timing for seeing the beauty of Autumn l...

The view of Japanese Autumn Leaves at dawn

Japan has wonderful four seasons. Especially, Kyoto has a unique taste in Japan. The beautiful color of those leaves ma...