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The view of Japanese Autumn Leaves at dawn

Japan has wonderful four seasons. Especially, Kyoto has a unique taste in Japan.
The beautiful color of those leaves make me feel the power of life.

Nothing is more perfect than nature. This scenery that no matter how rich you can buy. This is for all life that exists here.


The “Kamogawa River” is one of the good place for jogging or doing radio calisthenics.
There are not so many cars passing, so you can hear the sounds of the river streams and birds tweeting peacefully at the dawn.

Watercolor painting of Kamogawa River

I’d like to introduce the work of an unknown painter; one of my old friend.

I received it from a my old friend of painter.
I heard that one of this paintings got a prize at an exhibition.

His paintings have a style of quietness, warmness and calm.