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Man’s cooking | Now is the season! The best dish to accompany Japanese sake “cod milt ponzu”

“Cod milt ponzu sauce” made as a side dish for Japanese sake

It has a melt-in-your-mouth texture and a creamy, rich flavor with no odor. Cod milt is in season from January to February.


The “cod milt” used for this “milt ponzu” is a 200g/500 yen ingredient sold at a fresh fish store.


Because of its appearance, people tend to shy away from it if they don’t know how to cook it, but fresh milt is very easy to prepare.

Material of cooking

  • Raw cod milt: 200g
  • Sake: Appropriate amount
  • Salt: about 2 teaspoons
  • Water (for salt water): about 800cc
  • Hot water: Appropriate amount
  • Ponzu sauce: Appropriate amount
  • Momijioroshi: Appropriate amount (grated radish, chili pepper)



washing with water

Carefully wash raw milt with water to remove “blood” and “sliminess” with running water.

Raw milt is easy to crush, so wash it gently.


muscle cut

Drain and cut off the string (red part) connecting the milt.

If there are any streaks left, the texture will be bad, so carefully cut them off.


bite size

Cut into easy-to-eat sizes.

If you don’t crush the milt, the contents won’t pop out when you cut it, but handle it as gently as possible.


soak in salt water

raise to a colander

Fill a bowl with water (approximately 800cc), add salt (approximately 2 teaspoons), and soak the milt for about 5 minutes.


hot water and sake


Fill a pot with water, add an appropriate amount of sake, bring to a light boil, and boil the soft roe.

  • By adding sake, the smell disappears, and the faint scent and flavor of sake enhances the taste.
  • Boil for 2 minutes at a temperature of about 80°C. (The surface will be plump and the inside will be soft and smooth.)
  • The amount to be boiled at one time should be about 2 to 3 chunks.


serve in a bowl


Once it’s boiled, place it in a bowl while it’s still hot, and serve it with ponzu sauce and Momijioroshi.

There is a method of soaking the boiled milt in cold water, but I would like to eat the milt in a warm state during the cold season.

If you eat it as a side dish with sake, it will warm you from the core of your body.

Speaking of soft roe, “tiger puffer soft roe” is excellent, but if you prepare the soft roe well, you can enjoy it so delicious that you can’t tell it apart from puffer fish soft roe.

There may be likes and dislikes, but I think that people who can eat “sea urchin” and “salmon roe” in seafood will be fine.

The first time you eat it, you will surely be impressed.