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Salmon Noodle Kyoto/Opened in Fushimi Inari!

A sister store of the popular restaurant “Salmon Noodle 3.0” in Kagurazaka, Tokyo has opened in Kyoto!

The location is on the right in front of you after exiting Inari Station on the JR Nara Line. Perhaps because of its location, right next to Inari Taisha Shrine, there are white lanterns hanging from red curtains.

Looking at the storefront photo, it looks like “soup pasta rather than ramen?”

When I asked the staff at the store about salmon ramen, I was told that it is a French-style version of salmon-based ramen.

If it’s your first time, the standard “white salmon flat noodles” are especially recommended, so I decided to go inside the store and try the “white salmon flat noodles.”


The inside of the restaurant has a bright and stylish atmosphere like a fashionable cafe, with a total of 26 seats, including counter seats where you can casually dine alone and table seats where you can enjoy with a group. The towels and water are self-service, and there is a glass server next to the entrance with lemon-infused water and wet towels.

The ordering system is to buy tickets from a ticket vending machine, which seems to support languages such as English and Chinese.

Today, my sons and I were there, so we bought tickets for “White Salmon Flat Noodles” and “Salmon tantan noodles Thin straight noodles (2 Spicy)” from the ticket vending machine and took a seat at the table.

inside of shop

What kind of “salmon ramen” is made by the executive chef, who has been serving as a sous chef at a two-star Michelin restaurant with 14 years of experience in French cooking? After waiting for a while with excitement, a bowl of ramen with salmon topped with caviar was served. It looks really delicious.

On the tray with the ramen on it was a “recommended way to eat”, with instructions on how to eat the ramen, salmon rice, and French marinated egg.

how to eat

“What! Is there a way to eat it like this? I only ordered ramen!” I gave up this time, thinking that even if I ordered it now, the ramen would be cold and not taste good. Next time, I’m definitely thinking of ordering “Salmon Meshi” and “French Married Eggs” together.

White salmon flat noodles

white salmon

White soup in a black bowl, colorful toppings. It looks exactly French, and the real thing looks more beautiful and delicious than the store sign (pictured).



This soup is made by combining salmon head and bone marrow with vegetable potage, etc., and has a rich yet mellow texture that brings out the delicious flavor of the salmon. (The texture is fluffy? It’s said to be a cooking method called espuma, but I can’t describe it in words!)

I can’t really tell, but it also tastes like gastrique, balsamic vinegar, chili oil, and Chinese pepper. It has a unique flavor and richness due to the mixture of complex flavors.

Flat noodles

flat noodles

You can choose between flat noodles and thin noodles, but I chose the recommended flat noodles. The flat noodles are similar to tagliatelle or fettuccine used in pasta, and go well with the rich soup.

Char siu

Char siu

The char siu at this restaurant is made from pork thighs and tastes like raw ham. Perhaps because fresh pork is used, the saltiness is low and the flavor of the pork is contained. The firm texture and beautiful color are reminiscent of the raw ham used in French and Italian cuisine.

Salmon topping

salmon and caviar

The salmon with caviar, which is like an appetizer in a course meal, is the best dish and you will want a second helping. It’s a shame that there’s only one slice, but considering the price, I’m impressed with how well they were able to offer it.

Other toppings

There are also plenty of other toppings, such as burdock frites, pyasson, Kyoto greens, and croutons, which are not found in ordinary ramen restaurants, and are colorfully included, and each flavor harmonizes well with the salmon soup so that you won’t think it plays a supporting role.

burdock frit

Burdock Python

Kyo Mizuna


Thin straight noodles with salmon tantan noodles (2 spicy)

Salmon Dandan noodles

For salmon tantan noodles, you can choose between curly noodles or thin straight noodles, and you can choose from 3 levels of spiciness from 1 to 3 spiciness.

The “Salmon tantan Noodles” my son ordered was a thin, straight, 2-spicy dish, and he said, “The umami of the salmon, the mellow flavor of sesame seeds, the chili oil, and the homemade meat miso are exquisite accents.”

I haven’t eaten it so it’s just my son’s feeling.


The concept of Salmon noodle Kyoto’s salmon ramen is said to be “French x Salmon x Ramen,” but when I tasted it, it was a new kind of ramen that was both French and Italian. The salmon ramen that uses these ingredients is not only delicious, but also visually appealing.