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“Shinsei Tarekuchi” at “Torisei Honten” is irresistible for alcohol lovers

``Shinsei Tarekuchi'', which is available for a limited time from around November to early April, is freshly squeezed sake that has not been modified in any way and can only be drunk at the brewery. It's an irresistible drink for sake lovers who can enjoy the fruity aroma and deep flavor.

Salmon Noodle Kyoto/Opened in Fushimi Inari!

A sister restaurant of the popular restaurant "Salmon Noodle 3.0" in Kagurazaka, Tokyo has come to Kyoto. Introducing a new type of salmon ramen that is a fusion of French cuisine, salmon, and ramen.

Examining the secret recipe for Kyoto’s “Chuka no Sakai cold noodles” that are delicious even in winter

Examining the secret recipe for Kyoto's ``Chinese Sakai cold noodles'' that are delicious even in winter

Man’s cooking|Cooking and delicious ways to eat mekabu

Seasonal ``raw mekabu'' is recommended for ``seafood bowl'' and ``seafood chazuke.'' Raw turnips sold at fish stores are dark brown and don't look very appetizing, but when boiled, they instantly turn a bright green color that looks delicious.

History and present of Kyoto Gion specialty “Issen Yoshoku”

In the past, ``Issen Yoshoku'' was famous as a place to stop after drinking, but now it has become a famous restaurant that is known not only to domestic tourists but also to foreign tourists. We introduce the history of ``Issen Yoshoku'' from Gion, Kyoto, from the time of the Shinbashi store to the present.

“Tori Ramen” available only at lunch time at Torisei Honten

We are introducing ``Tori Ramen'', which is only available during lunch time at the main branch of the chicken specialty restaurant ``Torisei''. The ramen at this restaurant is based on chicken bone soup, which is unique to a restaurant specializing in chicken dishes, and you can enjoy a light and salty ramen soup.

Men’s cooking|Cheap, easy and delicious “Turnip pickled in yuzu and kelp”

Introducing how to make pickled turnips that can be prepared in one day, infused with the refreshing aroma of yuzu and the delicious flavor of kelp. It's very easy to make, and all you need is a peeler and a slicer.