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“Shinsei Tarekuchi” at “Torisei Honten” is irresistible for alcohol lovers

Torise main store

At Fushimi, a sake brewery in Kyoto, a new sake brewery is held around March every year, but at Torisei Honten you can enjoy the “ Shinsei Tarekuchi ” of new sake starting around November.

When my wife and I went to have lunch together, we were told that it had a “ Shinsei Tarekuchi ” and even though we drove there, we gave in to temptation and ended up drinking it.

You may be thinking, “Will I be charged with drunk driving?” However, Torisei Honten offers a service where you can park your car until 11 a.m. the next day, so you can drink with peace of mind.

For those arriving by car

If the driver has consumed alcohol, the vehicle may be parked until 11:00 the next day.
Once we receive your request, we will issue you a parking permit.
Please feel free to let us know.

A parking fee of 20,000 yen will be charged for unauthorized parking by those who do not have a permit.


Torisei Honten

I have to come pick up my car by 11am the next day, but this is a really helpful service. This time, I went to pick up my car the next day, but that wasn’t enough and I ended up eating lunch again. By the way, I have to be patient when it comes to drinking the “tareguchi”.

What kind of store is “Torisei Honten”?

If you live in Kyoto and like alcohol, you probably know that “Torisei Honten” is a chicken specialty restaurant run by “Torisae Co., Ltd.” and was opened in 1976 in collaboration with “Yamamoto Honke Co., Ltd.”

“Yamamoto Honke Co., Ltd.” is a long-established sake brewery that is famous in Fushimi and has been in business since 1677. This sake brewery is popularly known as “ Shinsei ” because it produces a famous sake called “ Shinsei ” that is brewed with “Shirakikusui”.

“Torisei Honten” is an antenna shop for “Shinsei” and offers “Sacred” freshly squeezed unprocessed sake “Sacred Tarekuchi” which is not generally sold. There is also a direct sales store of “Shinsei” next door, where they sell sake and sake lees that can only be obtained here.

What is “Shinsei Tarekuchi”?

The water used for preparation is Shiragikusui, one of the Seven Famous Waters of Fushimi, which gushes out from the well next to Torisei Honten. Previously, anyone could use it freely (put it in a container and take it home), but now it is no longer possible to do so to prevent infection. (You can drink freely at the water server in the waiting area of the store)


The “Tarekuchi” in “Shinsei Tarekuchi” refers to the opening at the bottom of one side of the sake tank, from which the squeezed sake trickles out. In recent years, it seems that squeezers are being used to make sake, but you can only enjoy freshly made sake at a sake brewery.

Difference between “Tarekuchi” and “Nama Genshu”

At Torisei Honten, there is a tank containing “Tarekuchi” and “Kuradashi Nama Genshu” placed in the center of the store. The left side is the “Tarekuchi” and the right side is the “Kuradashi Nama Genshu”.

liquor tank

“Tarekuchi” is the freshly squeezed sake that drips from the squeezer, “sake that has not been touched in any way.” It has a fresh aroma and deep taste. There is also a small amount of carbon dioxide gas released by the yeast during fermentation. (Good and rich scent)


“Nama Genshu” is Japanese sake whose “Tarekuchi” is filtered only once to remove impurities. (It feels lighter compared to “Tarekuchi”)

Junmai Ginjo “Shinsei” available only at direct sales stores

Shinsei's direct sales store

At the “Shinsei” direct sales store next to “Torisei Honten”, raw unprocessed sake such as bottled “Shinse Tarekuchi” and Junmai Ginjo “Shinsei” are available only at this time of year. Quantities are limited and if they sell out, they won’t appear in stores until next year.

Junmai Ginjo “Shinsei” is also an unfiltered unprocessed sake and is classified as a “Tarekuchi”. This sake is made from 100% Yamada Nishiki (60% rice polishing ratio) and domestically produced rice malt, and is a grade higher than “Shinsei Tarekuchi”. (Incredibly delicious sake)


I bought this at the beginning of February. I wanted to drink it again, so the other day (March) I went to buy it, and they only had “Nama Genshu”. However, Torisei Honten still offered Tareguchi, so I ended up drinking it again.

Origin of the name “Shinsei”

Yamamoto Honke’s signature brand, “Shinji”, originates from a line in a poem by Hakurakuten, and the letters are said to have been written by Tomioka Tessai, a painter who represents the modern Japanese art world.

In a poem by the Chinese (Tang dynasty) poet Haku Rakuten, “Kyuu Qanwan, Taishu Gugin”, there is a line that says, “There is something sacred in the cup, and there is nothing to be done about a hundred sorrows.”
The first verse of this poem means, “Fortunately, there is sacred sake, so even a hundred sorrows cannot stand against this sake.”

In short, the name seems to be based on the idea that no matter how worried or sad you are, as long as you have a drink called “Shinsei” you will be happy.

You can definitely be happy. If you haven’t tried it yet, please give it a try.