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SHARE LOUNGE provided by Tsutaya Bookstore newly opened in Takashimaya, Kyoto

Eye catchy share lounge

I toured the “SHARE LOUNGE” that opened at Takashimaya (T8) in Kyoto, and I would like to introduce it to you.

“SHARE LOUNGE” is a workspace that Tsutaya Bookstore will open for the first time in Kyoto when Takashimaya (T8) opens in October 2023.

Since it is a shared lounge, there are no private rooms like in a shared office, so it is not suitable for confidential work or web conferences, but the quiet and calm atmosphere makes it a very good environment for concentrating on work.

In addition, there is a service where you can enjoy soft drinks and snacks for free, and read books for free before purchasing, so you can use it as a substitute for a cafe while shopping.


“SHARE LOUNGE” is located at the back of the 6th floor of Kyoto Takashimaya (T8), and in the front is a highly artistic space with spaces such as crafts/lifestyle, art wall, stationery, and gallery.

Art wall

Art wall

Lounge entrance


“SHARE LOUNGE” has approximately 120 seats, including seats for 1, 2, and 4 people, 2 meeting rooms, and a drink corner.

Window seat

2 person seats

Lounge table

4 person seats

Private booth

Private booth

Meeting room

Meeting room

Drink corner

Drink corner

At the drink corner, where you can enjoy all-you-can-drink drinks and snacks, a variety of snacks are lined up, including coffee made with beans from Kyoto’s Ogawa Coffee, sweets from Shogoin Yatsuhashi, and bread from Shinshindo.

Considering all this, if you can use it for 60 minutes for 1,540 yen, it is worth using it instead of a cafe.

Usage plan

○Share lounge usage fee(Prices as of February 2024


Soft drink plan

Alcohol plan

Kids plan

60 minutes




Extended 30 minutes




One day use



○Meeting room usage fee


Private room (for up to 8 people)

Private room (for up to 6 people)

60 minutes



Extended 30 minutes



Business hours are from 8:00 to 22:00, and there are several usage plans other than those listed above.Usage fees may change, so please check the TSUTAYA website for current feesTSUTAYA “SHARE LOUNGE”

Free amenities

  • High speed Wifi
  • Power supply
  • Charger
  • Monitor: PC monitor can be rented.
  • Magazines: You can bring up to 3 books to read before purchasing.
  • Free drinks, free snacks & bread

Advantages and disadvantages of Kyoto Takashimaya (T8) “SHARE LOUNGE”

The date and time I visited this time was in the morning on a weekday, so there weren’t many people using it, and most of the seats were empty. Meanwhile, someone was having a web conference, but the room was quiet so I could hear their voices clearly.

Even if you don’t have a private room, you can comfortably use web conferences and phone calls if you have a temporary “phone booth”, but this shared lounge doesn’t have any private rooms other than the meeting room, which is a bit disappointing.

There are no other disadvantages other than this, and I think it’s a stylish and relaxing space overall.


  1. The location is near the office district.
    • Convenient transportation
    • Convenient access to business partners
  1. Located inside a department store
    • It is easy to enter and exit, so it can be used easily.
    • Everything you need is readily available (shopping)
    • No need to worry about where to eat
    • Becomes a resting place after shopping (instead of a cafe)
  1. SHARE LOUNGE service and atmosphere
    • Relax in a stylish space surrounded by art and books
    • You can rent a PC monitor so you can work efficiently.
    • You can bring in books before purchasing, so you can calmly examine the contents of the book.
    • Free drinks and snacks are more cost-effective than cafes.


  1. There are no private rooms other than the meeting room (there are booths separated by low walls)

    • It is difficult to do work that requires secrecy.
    • Difficulty speaking loudly during web conferences, telephone calls, etc.

We live in a time when there are coin-operated “phone booths” at stations in the city center, so I think this disadvantage can be solved by having a “phone booth.”

In conclusions

I wrote an article about what I noticed after visiting Kyoto Takashimaya (T8) “SHARE LOUNGE”, which opened in October 2023.

To summarize this article, as you would expect from a lounge jointly created by Takashimaya and Tsutaya, it has good access to department stores and is an overall stylish and relaxing space.

Free drinks and snacks are also cost-effective and can be used as a substitute for a cafe while shopping.

To be honest, it is a shame that there are no private rooms (phone booths, etc.) where you can comfortably use web conferences and telephone calls.