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Think about What you are Worrying

Have you ever worried about tomorrow’s weather?
Have you ever worried about hearing some complains from your boss tomorrow?
Or have you ever worried about your impression from someone who you like?

Like those worries, I think people are tend to worry about something and suffering from it.

Even if you think “It doesn’t make sense to worry. I don’t want to worry!” sometimes it is difficult to get rid off those worries.

However, if you train how to control your mind against your worries and, it will make you feel much better.

What really is a Worry

If you are worried about something, it means thinking about something which can’t get answer without actions, I think.  If you just worry for something too long, you might get the worst imagination about your worries, and make you feel very suffering.

Some of your worries can’t be solved only by yourself.  I think the best way to solve those worries are “Stop thinking about your worries at once”, but it is not that easy to get away from your worries.

Worried person

Know About Your Potentials For Your Worries

Mostly, face on something that can’t be solved only by yourself causes the “Suffering feelings”.

For example, think of solving “The worldwide economics problems from COVID virus”.

You might make small actions for this problem from something close to you.  But you can’t solve the whole problem all by yourself.

Like this example, knowing the limit of effect of your actions and only worry about something that can be solved by yourself.  This is the best way to face on your mind in my opinion.

For example, you can’t decide what someone you like is thinking of you.
Or depending on your positions in your work place, you can’t decide the settlement which is out of authority.

Like those examples above, you don’t have to worry about something you can’t be changed by yourself.

People are worries for many things, each individuals have different worries.  But if you can separate your worries into two sections, worries which can be solved by yourself and worries which can’t be solve by yourself.
You will get clear visions and not suffering from worries so much.

Clean Up Your Mind

You might notice that worrying for something you can’t do by yourself is needless things.

but You don’t have to give up your actions for what you can’t do by yourself.

You need to think what you can do against your worries.

“Don’t just worry in the bad way, but think the best actions for your worries”

You can’t control what other person is thinking but try thinking for the idea to make other person happy.

This idea will make your mind very clear, but some of them are difficult to get the best solutions.

Best Method for Clearing Your mind

If you think very hard for more than 30 minutes but still can make a conclusion, you might be possibly worrying for something unnecessary.  
In this case, You can stop thinking for a while.

It is very important to reset your feelings, and I recommend you do something that can forget about what you are doing in a short time.

And also make some times to face yourself “weather you are challenging for something, or stuck in some worries”.

If you could understand what you are thinking right now, your worries eventually disappear.

To worry and To think sounds similar but very different.

“To worry” = There’s no solution or conclusion
“To think” = There’s solutions or conclusions at the end, even if it fails, there must be improvement of yourself