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Enchanted item of Shrine “As You wish”

In 2021, I want to spend my life as I wish.
When I was thinking about that, I found an item called “As You wish at Kitano-tenmanguu Shrine.

What I was thinking has come as reality.
I felt like this This could be what I should spend.

Before I went home, I bought the enchanted item.

as you wish

as you wish

The item called “As you wish” was a real branch of the plum tree with buds.

According to the explain of this item, The plum trees in the Kitano-Tenmanguu Shrine has an enchantment that take away the evil spirit and this item gives you a power to live healthy.

I put this tree to grow at the entrance of my house, because it is a real plum tree.

This item also has a brown rice and if you eat this rice,
It will take evil sprit away, too.

Visiting Shrine and make your wish

Many people visit shrine to make their wishes, but some of the wish might not come true.

For example, if all people have a wish to go to the same famous university, some people can’t make their wish come true because of the limit of enter the university.

Like this wish, there are many things that can’t do as you wish.

There is a Japanese proverb says “When you suffer, wish to God”, but all of your wishes will not be granted.

Visiting Shrine is a promise to your own

I think visiting shrine and make you wish has a meaning to “Determination to people’s wishes”.
All people can’t be changed if you never act from yourself.

All shrine have a sanctuary of God, and there is a manner to visit the shrine.

Some people might think what the hell is “Sanctuary”, “Manner”, but I think all of those thought are for your own spirit.

After you step into the sanctuary, you concentrate your sprit and take evil thought away, and make “Determine” for what you truly wish.

Visiting shrine is like a promise to your own mind.

I can’t believe in what I have never seen, but there are strange links of people who will influence your life.  Even I can’t see those links, I feel there are strange energy in people.

I think the stronger you wish, the more chance to make your wish helps will appear.
And this idea is my opinion for live my life as I wishes.

Life can be changed by your mind and passion, so I hope you will work on what truly you want to be.
I think this will help you spend your life as you wish.