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Four ways of thinking to see through the essence

We make decisions based on the information we see and hear.
And, as a result of unconsciously taking actions based on that judgment, you may feel that something is different.

This is because I have applied some sort of filter myself when inputting the “information” that is the basis of my actions. These filters are what you have learned in your life and what you have learned from others. It also consists of what is called “common sense”.


What is “common sense”?

Looking up the dictionary, it says “ordinary knowledge, opinions, and judgment that ordinary members of society have and should have.”
“Ordinary” here can be replaced with “ordinary” = “same as everyone” as the word says.
In other words, common sense judgments all make the same decision.

There are differences in “common sense” depending on the country, region, and organization to which you live.

You should have your own common sense if you don’t bother others.
And by having this idea, you can “Identify the essence” of things.

Let’s take a concrete look.

Think of “money” and “work” separately

The general public (workers) thinks about “working for a company” ⇒ “letting me work” ⇒ “getting a salary (money)” ⇒ “living with money”.
This is driven by the fear of “I can’t live without work”, and the original meaning of “working” disappears.

By separating “money” and “work”, you can clearly see “the original meaning of work”, “the way of thinking of managers”, and “the way of thinking of workers”.

How to think about “money” and “work” separately

It is to know that there is no hindrance to life even if you do not maintain your current job.
For example, the company you currently work for is not everything. If you have “motivation”, you can do a lot of work. On the other hand, there is no job for those who just want “money”.

In short, it is a way of thinking that is not tied to “money.”
One way is to assume that you have won 500 million yen in the lottery or that you have the property of your parents.

What you can see when you concentrate only on the meaning of “work”

If you think purely about the meaning of “work”, you can really understand “what kind of work you want to do” and “what kind of contribution you can make for the world” through your work.

By doing so, you will be able to take pride in your work and be able to judge that “the right thing is right” and “the wrong thing is wrong”.

“job title rank”Do not see

I have thousands of business cards that I have exchanged over the years and sometimes organize them.
Many of them work for companies listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and have titles such as “President” and “Manager”.

I see some people boasting that “I know the president of XX”, but I think “I don’t remember you. I’m not stupid⁈”.
In this way, the “title” of a business card creates a “personal image” based on one’s own senses, and judges that “this person is a great person” and “this person is a regular employee”.

“Title” is a guide for that person. Some of the people I have met are far from “titles”.
Every company has “bad executives”.

“People who can” and “People who can” can be understood by exchanging conversations.
“See a person” without being bound by “title”.
Sufficient confirmation is important to work together.

Believe only in primary information

Some people give advice as well as rumors, such as “Be careful because that person is XX” and “That company seems to be XX”.
Don’t listen to such idiots.

A decent company discloses the financial status, and even a small company can check it with “Teikoku Databank”.

I confirm the “personal image”. People’s rumors are unreliable because they are filtered by the people who are evaluating them.
In fact, the “infamous person” who was assigned to my department was “a person who can work wonderfully”.
When I investigated why the reputation was bad, the person was a wonderful person such as “working on his own will”, “always wanting to study and improve his skills”, “cooperative”, and notoriety. It turned out that the cause of was “envy”.

As an aside, the person decided to become a “doctor” and left the company. He is now a “surgeon”.

Everything is to judge by yourself “what you see”, “what you hear”, and temporary information.
I made my own judgment, so I have no regrets if I make a mistake.

Do not “depend”

At work, you can learn a lot from people.
And there is no doubt that you can learn a lot if you do not hesitate to “the age and title of the other person”.

Sometimes there are unpleasant “disagreements,” but those are important.
You can get closer to the essence by always asking questions and looking at them from the other side.

Things are most important to judge for yourself and should not be “dependent” on others.

Even the prime minister and the president can make mistakes. “Judgment under the pressure of a person in power” and “Judgment that excessively feels the intention of the other party” are out of the question.

Please value “your will” in everything.