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Share Happiness and Be Happy Yourself

The more I make someone important happy, the happier I will be.
Happiness is coming back to my feeling if the people nearby are happy.

I noticed that this is the best way to become happy.

I think family is the smallest group of people.
Universe > The World > Country > Area of Living Place > Company > Family.

Hoping for the world peace is magnificent idea but it might be difficult to make the world peaceful.

Rather than thinking of the way of making world peace, I want to make my family happy
and I think this might be a little step for a peace.

Importance of working and family

“Japanese bad stereotype selfish man”
“Man do the job” =>”Be patient for any hard job, and going too hard in job” => “This is the best way to make family happy” => “Become selfish” => “I am the greatest person in family”
I think most of the men close to my age fit to the case above.

“My idea of the best family”
“Make Family Happy” => “Put importance in family” => “Cooperate with family”
“Works” = “Cooperate with family”
I think the work is one of the way to make my family happy.
That doesn’t means “working is lame”.

“My idea of the good company”
“Make someone happy” => “Give something beneficial to person” => “Working for Making someone happy” => “Cooperate with people in company to make someone happy”
Work or company that cannot make anybody happy never succeed in business

When my son is very young I asked a question “Which do you like more, dad or mom.”
My son change his face like almost crying and answer “Don’t ask that question, I like both”.

I remember that anything can’t compare the importance of the essential things.

“My idea of happiness”
“To make people happy”= “To become happy myself”
“Someone who is taking good care of you” = “Important person for you”