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Little Spring Near My House

I found a big colorful tree called “Acacia baileyana” near my house which I didn’t notice yesterday.
And I was gazing at this beautiful color for a while.

Acacia baileyana

I really feel that the spring is almost here.

Recently, I am spending most of the time in the room for my work.
So Only time I could feel the season is when I am commuting.

I could see the sunlight changes the colors of tree
And wind shakes the branches.
Wind brings me the sweet smell of the flower.

I feel like plants and animals are living together.
Sometimes it blows off feeling of tiredness.

It is said that “Acacia baileyana” is originally comes from Australia.
It has the meaning of “Secret love” “Friendship” “Mystery” “Sensitivity” “Elegance” “Loyalty” in flower language.

When native American confess his or her love, they used the acacia flowers long time ago.

Anyway the spring is going to come soon and I hope we will get a new fresh thing from now on.