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Shop “(THISIS) SHIZEN” in Shinfukan, Kyoto

“(THISIS) SHIZEN” is a different space found in the office district of Kyoto.
The store harmonizes with the courtyard and makes you forget you are in the city.
There is a feeling of liberation, and the air is refreshed as if it were purified!

Introducing the shop “(THISIS) SHIZEN” in the corner of “Shinpuhkan” which was reopened in June 2020 under the supervision of architect “Kengo Kuma”.

Shinpuhkan courtyard

On the right is “(THISIS) SHIZEN”


(THISIS) SHIZEN is a shop that offers “thank you for nature in Japan”.

Based on the concept of “Nature, Craft, Art”, we are developing “plants, tea, liquor” and Art that are particular about natural farming.

The store direction is Mr. Taichi Saito, who is also a “horticultural and landscape architect” and also has a “land escape design”.

The object installed in the center of the store is Mr. Kohei Nawa, a sculptor.

Both are very famous in the industry.

Giant objectObjet

Living plants (inside the store)plant

The object placed in the center of the store, which looks like a stack of discs in the courtyard, is a work of Kohei Nawa, which is novel but in harmony with nature.

All the plants in the store are alive, and the big trees have roots. On the branches, “Airplants” grow on the moisture in the air. It looks natural and feels strange.

Inside the store

According to the staff, they regularly change the arrangement of plants and devise ways. And this plant is also for sale.

“Plants, tea, liquor” that is particular about natural farming

There are no table seats in the store, only the counter and no chairs. I drink and eat while standing, but I have them walk in nature. new style.

Discerning menu

All of the “liquor, sweets, and snacks” made from raw materials made by natural farming can only be enjoyed here.

Discerning sake

“(THISIS) SHIZEN” in collaboration with “Sawaya Matsumoto” (Matsumoto Sake Brewery), who has a sake brewery in Fushimi, Kyoto, is a particular sake (junmai sake) with the same name as the shop name.

Insistence on sake

Speaking of Matsumoto Sake Brewery, the sake brewery along the Takase River in Fushimi, Kyoto is a quaint building that has been certified as a modern industrial heritage by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. And the signboard product “Sawaya Matsumoto Junmai Sake Shuhari” is famous.

Recommended by the staff.
We tasted the special pure rice sake “(THISIS) SHIZEN”.

This is delicious ~.

Details are unknown, but it makes you feel the Junmai Daiginjo with a 50% rice polishing rate. A wine-like aroma and a mellow, deep taste.

It seems that it will be over if it is sold out with a limited number of 200. I don’t sell it online, so I can’t get it unless I come here.

Already ~. This will be the one to buy!

If the first class collaborates, it will be like this!

“(THISIS) SHIZEN” is a first-class designer, a first-class sculptor, a first-class sake brewer, and so on. I was impressed by the first-class collaboration here.

Shinpuhkan is likely to have other top-class shops, so I will take a walk.

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