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A collaboration between the architect “Kengo Kuma” and the LA design team “commune”. Shinpuhkan “Ace Hotel kyoto”

“Shinpuhkan” reopened in June 2020

“Shinpuhkan” is a brick building of the Kyoto Central Telephone Office designed by architect “Tetsuro Yoshida” who is a pioneer of communication architecture.

Under the supervision of architect Kengo Kuma, the development was carried out while inheriting the concept of Shinpuhkan “tradition and innovation” and adding a new concept of “landmark of Kyoto”.

Exterior design of architect “Kengo Kuma”

The exterior design uses a lot of louvers and wooden frames to harmonize with the Japanese image of Kyoto, and it is a registered cultural property designated by Kyoto City. I have a feeling.

The half-timbered façade blends into the Japanese city of Kyoto.

It seems that the wooden frame is finished with a single plate by laminating the core material.


The exterior material is louver and mesh, and the color of concrete mixed with iron oxide gives off a warm color.

Hotel space designed by LA design team “commune”

The hotel space supervised by the design team “commune” who is active in Los Angeles is beautifully expressed by pipe-shaped lighting arranged so as to overlap the wooden structure supervised by “Kengo Kuma”.

The tapestry depicting the coffee pot on the front is the work of the dyer Samiro Yunoki.

The open circular front is impressive in the eastern center of the entrance.

“Ace Hotel” opens its first store in Asia

“Ace Hotel” and “commune” have been partners for many years, and each hotel has a different design, and it is attracting attention for creating a community where not only guests but also locals gather.
In this way, “Ace Hotel”, which is creating a big trend in the global hotel industry, has opened in Kyoto.

“Kyoto Gosho” to the north and “office district and downtown” to the south will be a new landmark with the best location.

An open atrium leading to the restaurant on the second floor


Elevator hall with a calm design

Playful design

Restaurant that can be used by non-guests

The bar & taco lounge “PIO PIKO” is on the 2nd floor. The 3rd floor is American-style Italian “MR. MAURICES”

Despite being a luxury hotel, the friendly staff are excellent.

The unpretentious and gentle smile of the staff who guided us to the restaurant was impressive. At Ace Hotel, you can freely make up and dress in uniforms, and everyone worked happily.

Everywhere you look, you can see the works of famous designers and designs using traditional Kyoto industries. Even if I noticed, there are more than dozens of points and I can not introduce all of them.

Next time, I will explore the design inside the hotel as a meal.