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Tadao Ando’s work “time’s”


Architectural design: Tadao Ando
Building completion: 1984
Use usefulness: Commercial facilities

A building named “TIME’S” stands on the banks of the Takasegawa River that flows through Kiyamachi, Kyoto. Like the “B-LOOK Kitayama” building on Kitayama Street in Kyoto, this work is a building typical of Tadao Ando in the 1980s, with exposed concrete and concrete blocks.

This work seems to have the concept of being one with the nature of the Takasegawa River, and I feel that it is somehow inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s “Fallingwater.”


By connecting the building to the Takase River and restoring the contact between people and water, I sought to preserve the landscape while at the same time injecting newness into the city.

Quote: Building design thinking drawn by Tadao Ando

If I remember correctly, it was a beer hall when it was completed. I remember that the interior was as simple as the exterior (exposed concrete and concrete blocks), the soothing sound of the murmuring of the Takasegawa River, and the beer mugs glowing in the interior lighting created a unique atmosphere.



Later, as it was one of Kyoto’s busiest districts, high-end apparel stores moved in, and the combination of innovative architecture, fashion, and art attracted many young people.

However, due to the influence of the coronavirus from around January 2020, the momentum of the downtown area declined, and the store finally became vacant.

Current “TIME’S”

It is currently owned by a company called Osawa Office Co., Ltd., which handles registration and other matters for major financial institutions, and appears to be looking for tenants after renovations.

This time, I wasn’t able to go in because it was closed while looking for tenants, but you can see the floor plan and more on Osawa Office’s website, so please check it out if you’re interested.

Osawa office website: “TIME’S Building” tenant recruitment information

In conclusions

What I thought about this building is that it’s made of exposed concrete inside and out and concrete blocks, so it’s nice and cool in the summer, but it feels cold in the winter. Stores that move in must take these conditions into account.

Additionally, because the height difference between the Takase River and the floor surface is small, there is a risk that the 1st floor floor will be flooded if the water rises due to heavy rain, etc., and this is also likely to be an issue that the tenant will have to consider.

However, in spring, the cherry blossoms planted along the Takase River are very beautiful, and the view from the first floor near the water is a view unique to TIME’S.