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Thinning hair is eliminated with a hat and supplements!

It’s a Daruma doll with get up eight times even if you make seven rotations!

Do you feel that both men and women have thinner hair with age and gradually die?

A few years ago, the top of my head was like a chick’s hair, but it was revived in a certain way.

You don’t need expensive shampoos or hair restorers, so give it a try.

Causes and countermeasures for thinning hair

Do you think that as you get older, adult diseases such as “diabetes” and “hypertension” will become commonplace? This is a lifestyle-related illness that can be improved with a single effort.

Similarly, there is a cause for “thin hair” and there is a solution.

[Cause of thinning hair]
1. There is no nutrition in the body to become hair.
2. The scalp is dry and hurt.
3. The nutrition required for hair has not reached the scalp.
4. The scalp is damaged by ultraviolet rays.
5. My body is not healthy. (Adult disease)

This is the general cause of thinning hair. Even if it is an adult disease, it has nothing to do with “thinning hair” unless it is very severe.

[Countermeasures for thinning hair]
1. Supplements for nutritional support.
2. A yarn hat when sleeping to prevent the scalp from drying out.
3. Exercise improves blood flow and delivers nutrition to the scalp.
4. Wear a hat when going out to prevent UV rays.

After trying it for about 3 months, my hair became thicker and more voluminous. In particular, if you sleep with a yarn hat on, your scalp will not dry out and you will not lose hair.

Eat what is the material for hair

In order to eat the ingredients of hair and make them work well, it is important to consider the balance and to take in various nutrients.

To eat a well-balanced diet, you need to look up the nutrients in your food and think about your menu. This can be a daunting task, so make good use of supplements.


The material of hair is mainly composed of a protein called “keratin”. The protein absorbed in the body becomes “keratin” by the power of vitamins and minerals.
It is abundant in meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, soybeans, etc.


Minerals such as zinc are essential nutrients for the healthy growth of hair. It can be expected not only to promote the proliferation of hair matrix cells that produce hair, but also to suppress the generation of the male hormone (dihydrotestosterone) that causes thinning hair.

Even if you do nothing, zinc is consumed about 15 mg a day, and it is reduced by drinking, smoking, and excessive stress, so take it consciously. It is found in oysters, pork liver, natto, sardines, nuts, etc.


Various vitamins such as vitamin A and vitamin B are also essential nutrients for hair thinning measures that support healthy hair growth.

[Vitamin A]
Vitamin A has the effect of increasing metabolism and improving blood flow, improving the scalp environment.
It is contained in green and yellow vegetables such as carrots and pumpkins.

[Vitamin B]
Vitamin B helps produce keratin, which is the source of hair. It is contained in clams, maitake mushrooms, and ”shishamo”.

Nutrients that you want to keep special

Citrulline is an amino acid that is abundant in plants of the Cucurbitaceae family and dilates blood vessels to improve blood flow. It is found in watermelons, melons, wolfberry, and cucumbers.

Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin that plays an important role in the production of “keratin”. It works as a coenzyme, also known as vitamin B7 (vitamin H). It is contained in maitake, chicken liver,
peanuts, and eggs.

[DHA / EPA] DHA / EPE is an “essential fatty acid” that is not produced in the body and has the property of not solidifying even below freezing, making blood even smoother. It is found in blue fish such as tuna, mackerel, saury and sardines.

Cinnamon is called “cinnamon bark” in Chinese medicine and is the bark of a tree called “cinnamon”. Cinnamon is the only food (spices) that repairs capillaries. Overdose of cinnamon, which is also used for medicinal purposes, can cause liver damage. (Approximately 1 teaspoon a day)

Use supplements well

It may not be necessary for those who can manage nutrition with diet, but I will introduce “supplements”.

[American Now Foods]
Now Foods supplements are produced in GMP-standard factories that are also used in pharmaceuticals. The United States is a major supplement country and its standards are stricter than Japan, and its price and safety are of the highest quality that cannot be imitated by domestic manufacturers.

Improve blood flow by exercising

Even if you ingest the nutrients that are the material of hair, the hair will not grow unless the scalp is well nourished. Unlike other parts of the body, the scalp cannot be moved independently, so there is no choice but to move the whole body to improve blood flow.

Exercises that increase your heart rate without stopping your breathing, such as walking fast, circulate blood throughout your body. It’s a good way to nourish your scalp, as blood circulates and brings nutrients to every corner of your body.

There is also research data showing that hair grows when you continue aerobic exercise every day.

Exercise (fast walking) for about 30 minutes a day is effective enough.

Avoid using shampoo and soap as much as possible

Young people who secrete a lot of sebum need to remove excess sebum with shampoo or soap, but it is counterproductive for older people who secrete less sebum. It removes even the minimum amount of sebum that protects the scalp and causes dryness.

If you are elderly and have low sebum secretion, you should wash with only “hot water”. If you have less sebum, shampoo once a week.

Homeless people don’t have “baldness” because they don’t have shampoo or soap and they don’t hurt their scalp with chemicals. It is easy to think that the pores on the scalp will be clogged without shampooing, but you can eliminate the clogged pores by washing thoroughly with “hot water”.

Care for the scalp and hair

By washing your hair with “hot water”, the sebum on your scalp will not be removed more than necessary. You can leave it as it is, but if you want to replenish the oil, we recommend “horse oil”.

Never use alcohol-containing hair styling products. It’s best to use oil, but humans are animals, not plants, so animal oils. We recommend “horse oil”, which does not cause any problems in your mouth.

“Horse oil” adjusts stickiness by diluting it with water or hot water. If you imprint an appropriate amount on your hair before going to bed at night, it will penetrate deep into your hair and become glossy. (It is also effective for nails)

Natural “horse oil” that can be used to moisturize the whole body is recommended! try it!
Even if you use the whole body, it costs about 1000 yen for 2 months.

Do not dry the scalp

When you go to bed, you can avoid drying your scalp just by wearing a yarn hat.

Have you ever wondered why your head is thin when your hair isn’t thin?

I wondered and made a hypothesis.

[Difference in conditions]
The difference between the environment in which the body and the head are placed is that the body is dressed with underwear, whereas the head is not worn.

[Effects on the scalp]
Considering the effect on the scalp, sebum protects the scalp when you are young, but as you grow older, the secretion of sebum decreases and it becomes easier to dry. If it gets too dry, the scalp will hurt and the hair will not grow.

UV protection

When the hair was fluffy, it protected the scalp from UV rays, but when it becomes thin, the UV rays hit the scalp directly.

Wear a hat when you go out to protect your scalp from UV rays.

Don’t be fooled by media information

The media is full of information on hair growth agents, XX hair growth salons, AGA, etc. I spent a lot of “money” and experienced everything, but the effect was “zero”.

It’s impossible anymore …. I gave up halfway, but I wondered if there was a way without spending “money” and came up with a method.

Obviously, you should eliminate the “cause of thinning hair” without thinking too hard.