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“Amazon kindle” Free novel publication. Become a novelist!

It costs about 500,000 yen at the cheapest to publish a book such as a novel by an individual.

However, electronic archives such as Amazon’s kindile and Rakuten’s kubo can be published for free.

People who write blogs have their own articles.

Isn’t it interesting to rewrite it and make it into a book?

This time, I will explain the registration method for publishing to the electronic library “kindle” provided by “Amazon”.

Procedure for registering with KDP

Register for free KDP (kindle direct publishing) to publish on Amazon’s kindle.

✔ Create a KDP account
✔ Registration of author / publisher information
✔ Registration of payment receiving method
✔ Registration of tax information
✔ Confirmation and transmission

Create a KDP account

Create an account from the top page of “Amazon” KDP.

Click “Sign Up” from the KDP top page to switch to the screen below.

Enter your email and password and click Create KDP Account.

The KDP Terms of Service will be displayed, so you can register if you confirm and agree to the contents.

Create a KDP account ⇒ Agree to terms of use ⇒ Register now ⇒ Complete registration

Registration of author / publisher information

Fill in the required items in the blanks on the “Register author / publisher information” screen.

Enter in English or Roman characters (half-width alphanumeric characters).

Registration of payment receiving method

Fill in the required items in the blanks on the “Payment Receipt Method” screen.

Enter the payment method and click the “Add” button to display the screen below.

As you can see in the lower left corner, “Payment settings have not been completed”, the settings have not been completed yet.

Click “No” to display the screen below and complete the settings.

If this is displayed, “Registration of payment receiving method” is complete.

The red box in the Check Payment column means that payments in Mexico and Brazil will be checks.

* There is no problem with the default settings.

Registration of tax information

Register “tax information” in the same way as you register “US tax information” in “Google AdSense”.

Since “Amazon” is an American company, when you buy or sell e-books on “Amazon Kindle”, the US tax system will be applied. (Current tax rate is 30%)

You can reduce the tax withholding rate to 0% by registering your taxpayer number (TIN) in “Registering tax information”.

Interview on tax information

Registration of tax information is in the form of an interview, so check them in order.

There is a taxpayer number (TIN) in the United States. There is no clear taxpayer number in Japan, but “My Number” corresponds to “TIN” in Japan.
Therefore, make you have a foreign (non-US) tax number,Enter “My Number”.
If you would like to know more about your taxpayer number (TIN), please refer to the following site.

Confirmation and transmission

If you enter all and save, “W-8BEN” will be generated automatically.

Check the contents, “sign” the submission form, and click the “submit” button to submit.

Registration is now complete.

Finally, try logging in from the top page of “Amazon” KDP.
You can check your registration information by opening “Account” at the top of the site.