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“Stone of Bond” in Yasui-Konpiraguu the shrine

I went to “Yasui-Konpiraguu” to get good connections and cut off bad connections.

This shrine is famous for bringing “good connections” and disband “bad connections” to the people who visited this place.

In my case, I want to disband the bad connections with “Diseases” or “Bad habit”.
And also wish for good connections of keep me and my acquaintances healthy and bringing me a good work.

Like Japanese proverb “Sinki-Itten” which has meaning to refresh my mind.

First I went to the main shrine to give a pray, but this shrine has a unique style to give a pray.

There is a huge stone which has a hole in the middle of it called “Enkiri-musubiIshi” (Stone of bond),  by going through this stone, people can make a wish for the good connections.

It has a meaning of disbanding bad connection if you go through from front to behind, and also has a meaning of getting good connections if you go through from behind to front.

When you go through this stone you hold a spiritual paper which you write your wish in it, and going through from front to behind and from behind to front.
After that you put the paper to the stone and your wish may granted.

“Yasui-Konpiraguu” is one of the most famous place for giving us spiritual energy.
If you want refresh your mind, visiting this place may makes you calming.