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Mans cooking mans-cooking

Man’s cooking|Cooking and delicious ways to eat mekabu

Seasonal ``raw mekabu'' is recommended for ``seafood bowl'' and ``seafood chazuke.'' Raw turnips sold at fish stores are dark brown and don't look very appetizing, but when boiled, they instantly turn a bright green color that looks delicious.

Men’s cooking|Cheap, easy and delicious “Turnip pickled in yuzu and kelp”

Introducing how to make pickled turnips that can be prepared in one day, infused with the refreshing aroma of yuzu and the delicious flavor of kelp. It's very easy to make, and all you need is a peeler and a slicer.

Men’s cooking|Teriyaki with chicken thighs overflowing with meat juices

We will show you how to make juicy teriyaki that has a crispy surface and the juices overflow the moment you cut it. This method is a method that anyone can use to make delicious food without overcooking or burning, so please give it a try.

Man’s cooking | Now is the season! The best dish to accompany Japanese sake “cod milt ponzu”

It is characterized by its melt-in-your-mouth texture and creamy richness without any odor. Cod milt is in season from January to February. Super easy to prepare and cook. It's a Japanese way of eating.