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Man’s cooking | Now is the season! The best dish to accompany Japanese sake “cod milt ponzu”

It is characterized by its melt-in-your-mouth texture and creamy richness without any odor. Cod milt is in season from January to February. Super easy to prepare and cook. It's a Japanese way of eating.

Cooking is the best communication tool

I was born and raised in a family like the Edo period when I was taught that I shouldn't go into the men's kitchen, but ...

Yakiniku tonight without hassle

Around this time, it became commonplace to cook on a daily basis. It's harder to think of a menu than to cook. I can und...

I want to make fluffy egg omelet rice

Put the omelet on the chicken rice and cut it open to make a "fluffy egg". It looks delicious! I decided to make it bec...

I tried to make “man’s food” tonight

"Cooking of a rough man" made with an idea. It takes 30 minutes. Menu includes cola boiled chicken wings and Genghis Kha...

Revive a wife who has lost 10 kg with “man’s cooking”!

Two boys (in their twenties) help me when I cook for my wife who is tired of nursing care and has become thin. It seems ...