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The Ganrikisha of Mt. Inari where mysterious power dwells


Fushimi Inari Taisha shrine in Kyoto is famous, but do you know “Ganrikisha” enshrined in Mt. Inari, which walked about 40 minutes from the main shrine on the approach to Senbon Torii?

It is not well known to tourists, but it seems that there are many managers and market participants who continue to visit enthusiastically.

This year, there is a coronavirus problem, so I went to visit through the back road that only locals know without going through the main hall of the front.

Benefits of “Ganrikisha” known only to specific people

Ganrikisha has the merits of “improving eye diseases” and “improving foresight and eyesight”, and if you visit and pray many times, you will be drawn by mysterious power.

I first visited Ganrikisha about 6 years ago when my doctor told me that your illness was out of control and would die two years later.

At that time, I didn’t know anything about “Ganrikisha”, but I happened to meet them when I climbed Mt. Inari while I was being treated for illness.

When I recall, it was very strange that I could climb Mt. Inari even though I had a resting heart rate of only about 30 and it was hard to walk.

Six years have passed since then, and instead of being alive, my body is full of power. I used to go to the hospital for inspections on a regular basis, but it was also released.

On the final day of my visit to the hospital, the professor who was indebted to me asked me, “What did you do to cure it? …”. I replied, “I did my best not to leave any regrets, and I was careful about exercising and eating.”

Since there was no cure, I started going to the gym and started to pay attention to my dietary balance. I was sick, and sometimes I fell asleep in the stretch room of the gym, and every day I was asked by the staff, “Are you okay?”, And I didn’t do much exercise.(I feel like I was doing a little exercise only when I was in good shape …)

I thought that even if I answered “Ganrikisha saved me” to the professor, I wouldn’t believe it, so I answered “exercise and diet”, but Ganrikisha has some mysterious power.

I didn’t plan to go to Ganrikisha today either, but for some reason I feel like I’ve turned my feet.


I was drawn in and received God’s message.

After praying, I tried to draw an “Omikuji”, which I don’t usually do. The result is “lucky after bad luck”.

It was written that God said, “Reward the whirlpool of what you have done so far.” “Renew your heart and endure for a while.” “After that, you will get better.”

Come to think of it, I feel like a selfish and overkill disgusting guy. It’s a reflection.

Humility and gratitude

This year, I decided to live with “humility” and “gratitude.” This is an announcement from Ganrikisha. Eyes, will you be able to see things a little more?

I visited with my second son today. Thanks to that? There was a “very happy” event only for us. (It is an unlikely event.)