Muscle training/Diet

Muscle training/Diet muscle-training-diet

Diet [Part 2] Know the daily calorie consumption.

Calorie adjustment is the basis for dieting (removing fat). You can lose weight by (calorie consumption)> (calorie intak...

Diet [Part 3] Adjust calorie intake with three major nutrients

Since I was able to calculate the "daily calorie consumption" in diet , I will explain how to calculate the calorie inta...

Diet [Part 4] How to eat

The sequel to the diet , this time I will explain how to eat (how to eat). Professional models say they eat six meals a ...

Diet [Part 5] Prepare the intestinal environment

People who want to gain muscle by doing muscle training want to increase the amount of protein, but overdose is dangerou...

Diet [Part 1] Not weight loss! Remove fat

Restricting eating to lose weight has no effect. When I buy food, I'm worried about calories, and when I look at the lab...

Train your bones with muscle training

In general, bone density decreases after menopause in women and after retirement in men. You may think that it is unavoi...

Train your brain with muscle training

When you hear muscle training, you associate it with "bodybuilding" or "diet," but that's not all. As I have realized, m...