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Tomatoes from Capital Toyotei, a 100-year-old Western restaurant in Kyoto


Source: Capital Toyotei HP

Capital Toyotei, located in Kitayama, Kyoto, is a Western restaurant that opened in 1899. The original concept of this restaurant was to provide the Kyoto townspeople with “Western food,” which used to be expensive, and the goal seems to have been to keep prices reasonable without sacrificing quality.

This concept seems to have been carried forward to this day, and they serve carefully selected “Western cuisine” at a low price. Among them, the stewed hamburger steak wrapped in aluminum foil is the most popular dish as it is simmered with plenty of beef stew.


Toyo Tei’s hamburger is very delicious, but the tomato is just as delicious.

This time, I would like to introduce the “whole tomato salad” that always comes with the lunch menu.

Tomatoes handled by Toyotei

When you order lunch at Toyo-tei, the first thing you will be told is, “Today’s tomato is a ○○ tomato from ○○,” and a whole tomato with the skin removed. (For dinner, there are some menus that do not come with it. In that case, order it separately.)

The fact that they go out of their way to say “Today’s tomatoes are…” means that they offer tomatoes from different regions depending on the day, which suggests that they select delicious tomatoes based on various conditions such as season and harvest.

You can understand this by looking at the boxes of tomatoes that are always lined up in stores, waiting to see when they are ready to eat.


whole tomato salad



This is “whole tomato salad”. Peeled and chilled tomatoes are placed on top of the tuna salad and topped with a special dressing.

The tuna salad contains not only tuna, but also sliced cucumbers and onions. The tomato-based dressing is the restaurant’s original and seems to be made every morning.

This tomato-specific dressing is also sold in stores.

Pet-friendly terrace seating


Source: Capital Toyotei HP

It seems that Capital Toyo-tei main store now has terrace seats where you can bring your pet. It may be closed depending on the season or weather, so it’s a good idea to call before using.


Address: 28-3, Kamigamo Iwagakinai-cho, Kita-ku, Kyoto City
TEL: 075-722-2121

In conclusions

Capital Toyo-tei main store is located in a calm area surrounded by nature, on the north side of the Kyoto Botanical Garden. In such an atmosphere, the lunch that can be had for around 2,000 yen is very attractive.

The most popular hamburger steak is a standard, but the “whole tomato salad” is also delicious, so be sure to try it.