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Be enchanted by the three refreshing flavors at Menya Yuko in Karasuma Oike, Kyoto

In Karasuma Oike, Kyoto, south of NHK Kyoto Broadcasting Station, there is a small but stylish ramen shop called Menya Yuko.
I went there at the recommendation of a junior colleague.

Menya Yuko, a ramen shop with a cafe-like exterior, is a talented soy sauce ramen shop that has opened its second store, Menya Hijiri, in Ichijoji, a competitive area for ramen in Kyoto.

The store is a small store with counter seats on the first floor and table seats and counter seats on the second floor.
The interior design is reminiscent of a cafe bar, and the second floor is accessed by a winding staircase.

When you think of soy sauce ramen with a clear soup, many people think of “Chuka soba”, but “Menya Yuko” is a new genre of ramen.

There are three types on the menu: “Hachiku”, “Madake”, and “Kurochiku”. Both are 800 yen.
Perhaps they were confident in their taste, but there was no pepper or chili seasoning on the table.


A new and light soup made with oysters, clams, and clams blended with several types of soy sauce.


Traditional soy sauce ramen using Kyoto soy sauce and bonito and kelp as a base.


A richly flavored soy sauce ramen that combines bitterness, sweetness, and sourness.

“Homemade noodles” like handmade noodles

Noodles with a chewy and chewy texture that goes well with the soup.

It looks like they are using whole wheat flour, and if you look closely you can see reddish-brown dots.
The medium-thick noodles are smooth and delicious.

“Yakibuta” like raw ham

The grilled pork has a smoky aroma with smoked chips and a texture similar to raw ham, with an excellent amount of salt.

Highly finished soy sauce ramen

My favorite is “Hachiku,” which is reminiscent of steamed clams in sake. It was my first time to eat ramen made with shellfish soup and soy sauce. At the same time, the feeling of grilled pork is fresh and surprising.

A “light” soup will leave you feeling full, but won’t weigh you down. It seems to be popular with women, but it is also recommended for the elderly.

Overall, the ramen is well-balanced and really delicious.