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“Afternoon tea” at a cafe with my wife

How many years has it been?

I invite my wife to “afternoon tea” after taking care of our parent today.
My wife looks very happy to visit the café even though we haven’t visited that café for a long time.

After all, my wife’s smile is the best.

We ate more food compared from the day we visited that store.
We don’t have to hesitate since it took very long time after we met each other.
So it might destroyed the romantic atmosphere of the old days a little.

Favorite café Main store of “Ogawa Coffee”

afternoon tea

latte art

Ogawa Coffee’s “Afternoon Set” is one of the famous stores in Kyoto.
Sandwiches, fruits, cookies, etc.
And they serve quite a volume of potion.

Ogawa Coffee hires a Murayama barista who won the “World Latte Art Championship 2010”, so I asked for “Café Cappuccino” as a trial.

It’s not a champion’s work, but it’s a cute girl’s latte art.

“I think my wife enjoyed today.”