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Kyoto Ichi-jō modori-bashi (Bridge) | “Kawazu Sakura” swaying in the spring breeze

Saturday, March 12, 2022. The temperature is 20.9 ℃, which is the first time this year to exceed 20 ℃.

Invited by the spring breeze, I go outside. If you walk without deciding where to go, the warm breeze and sunshine will comfortably fill your senses. And the casual scenery looks different from usual. This is what “feels refreshed!”

Cherry blossoms are already in bloom at Ichijomodo Bridge!

Ichi-jō modori-bashi

Cherry blossoms were already in bloom at Ichi-jō modori-bashi in Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto. When I was enjoying the early spring while thinking, “What kind of cherry blossoms will bloom so early?”, I was told by a newspaper reporter during the interview that it was a cherry blossom named “Sakura Kawazu”.

According to reporters, this year’s flowering seems to be later than usual.

It is an article in the evening in the daytime coverage (Kyoto Shimbun)
The Kyoto Shimbun seems to be early for information on events and events in Kyoto. Even a free member can read some articles.
When sightseeing in Kyoto ⇒ Check the Kyoto Shimbun! (it’s Japanese)

Kawazu Sakura(Kawazu cherry blossoms)

Kawazu Sakura is a cherry tree native to Japan that was born from a natural cross between “Oshima Sakura” and “HiKan Sakura”, which are endemic to Japan. It seems that the origin is that a log of about 1 m was discovered by chance in the weeds and planted in the garden, and the Kawazu cherry tree of the log still exists.

Kawazu Sakura seen in Kyoto

  • Yodo Waterway (Fushimi Ward) * The most popular place in Kyoto
  • Yodo Castle (Fushimi Ward)
    Ichijo Return Bridge (Kamigyo Ward)
  • Sanjo Ohashi Nishizume (Nakagyo Ward)
  • Toji (Minami Ward)
  • In front of Chion-in (Higashiyama Ward)
  • Kurumazaki Shrine (Ukyo Ward)
  • Seiryoji Temple (Sakyo Ward)
  • Kyoto Botanical Garden (Sakyo Ward)
  • Uji City Botanical Garden (Uji City)


Kawazu cherry blossoms begin to bloom in February and continue to be in full bloom for a long time until the end of March.

Kawazu cherry blossoms in the Yodo waterway are famous and popular spots, but surprisingly there seem to be many Kawazu cherry blossoms in Kyoto city.

From now on, in spring, there will be more than 600 kinds of cherry blossoms in Japan as well as Kawazu cherry blossoms. Cherry blossoms with different shapes, colors, and flowering times depending on the type. Why don’t you feel the season with your five senses?