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Yakiniku tonight without hassle

Around this time, it became commonplace to cook on a daily basis.
It’s harder to think of a menu than to cook. I can understand the feelings of a housewife.

Today, I decided on yakiniku that doesn’t require preparation!

Seasoned meat sold at supermarkets.
100g is 228 yen 1kg (500g + 500g)
Australian products are cheap!

Since there are two young boys, 1kg is not enough, but for the time being, this is it!


Boil broccoli, chop cabbage, just bake the meat. done!
Time required 15 minutes

It is for 3 people, a wife and 2 children. Oops! I have no food to eat!

Pasta with retort curry

Boiled spaghetti and seasoned with retort curry. Now my meal is ready.
Bad nutritional balance! Supplement with protein for nutritional balance.

Curry pasta

I like the chewy al dente for boiling pasta.

The curry pasta that I thought about instantly is the same as the time and effort of making cup ramen, but it is more delicious than I expected.

I managed to eat supper.