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Revive a wife who has lost 10 kg with “man’s cooking”!

Two boys (in their twenties) help me when I cook for my wife who is tired of nursing care and has become thin. It seems that it is good for children’s education if you show a good relationship with your spouse.

It’s a “man’s dish” made by three people, but it’s heartfelt. You will get better over time.

Tonight’s menu

After all it becomes “meat”. The rest is rice with spinach mixed with sesame seeds, miso soup with mekabu, and gravy.

① Prepare the meat with rock salt and black pepper. ②Put olive oil on the iron plate and heat it. ③ Put the meat on it and bake it (when it is cooked to some extent, add boiled broccoli and warm it)

This is easy and complete. Enjoy with wasabi soy sauce. Miso soup is mixed with miso, and the ingredients are onion mekabu.

My wife is the protagonist, so I’ll have her eat first. The three men will be appropriate later.

Butter rice on an iron plate with gravy left? Something like

I wanted to make it butter rice, but the three men want to do something different. Is it a challenge or an experiment?

Reheat the iron plate for the time being. Add rice and mix the gravy at the right time.

“Butter?” “I don’t need it because there is meat oil!” “Seasoning”“How about the sauce of grilled meat?” “Maybe it’s okay.” “It might be delicious if you add an egg.” “Yes, I like the soft-boiled egg.”

“Meat juice rice?”

While the iron plate is hot, I put it on the table and wait for my wife’s impression.

It was “delicious, tastes like stone-grilled bibimbap.”


Children's lunch

By the way, I also made a lunch box for children this morning.