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I want to make fluffy egg omelet rice

Put the omelet on the chicken rice and cut it open to make a “fluffy egg”.
It looks delicious!

I decided to make it because I want to challenge anything.


As always, “how to make” is capricious and appropriate

The ingredients are leftovers, and the seasonings are only the ones that are currently available, and the amount is made appropriately according to the mood at that time.

Occasionally, you can cook “very delicious” food, but it is difficult to reproduce.

Cooking that does not rely on recipes has new discoveries because the taste changes each time it is made.

The manual is boring. My style is to “make it with a sense of play”.

Numbers such as 1 cup, 1CC, teaspoon, tablespoon, etc. are necessary to reproduce the same taste. However, I think that “appropriate” is fine for home-cooked dishes that do not need to provide “the same taste” to customers.

“Appropriate” is my sense. It’s also good for training your five senses.

No matter how much you make it according to the recipe, it is difficult for even a professional to always make the taste that changes slightly depending on the environment such as season, temperature, and humidity.

【chicken rice】

As for the ingredients, cut chicken thighs and wiener sausage appropriately and season with salt and pepper.

Put a lot of olive oil in a frying pan and add garlic slices to give it a scent.

Add the seasoned ingredients and fry until the meat is cooked.

Then add rice and fry in “parapara”.

Season with salt and pepper, then add a little Worcestershire sauce to the ketchup.

【plain omelette】

The egg used is 3 whole eggs.

I think it’s easy to use a frying pan with a slightly higher edge for cooking utensils.

Add a little more olive oil to a heated frying pan.

Put all the eggs in there and stir (scrambled eggs).

When it’s solidified, make it an omelet (personal preference).
(Bake only the part in contact with the frying pan, and when the upper part is in a soft-boiled egg state, use the edge of the frying pan to make an omelet to hide the soft-boiled egg)

Put it on top of chicken rice and you’re done.

Omelette rice

The surface of the egg was overcooked!I think.

Omelette rice

When I cut it with a knife and opened the egg, I was able to do it “well.”

Immature prototype omelet rice. The taste is “mother’s taste”.