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I tried to make “man’s food” tonight

“Cooking of a rough man”made with an idea. It takes 30 minutes.

Menu includes cola boiled chicken wings and Genghis Khan-style teppanyaki of lamb meat, etc.

I tried to make everything with my own recipe, but the reaction of my family was “not bad”.

I think that if you devise this as a base, you can make delicious food.

Boiled cola on the wings in a wok

Season the wings with rock salt (Andean salt) with black pepper (ground pepper with a mill) and leave for a while.

I don’t know if it’s baked or fried with a little more olive oil in a wok!

If it burns nicely, flambé with brandy. “It has a nice scent.”

Pour the cola little by little so that it doesn’t get cold when the alcohol flies.

When it’s boiled down and the shine comes out, it’s done.

Boiled cola on the wings

I made it properly, but it looks delicious. “Yay!”

Genghis Khan-style teppanyaki of lamb meat

New Zealand lamb cut in a steak style.

The sauce is sake, dark soy sauce, oyster sauce, honey, grated ginger, grated garlic, white sesame seeds, red miso, and the amount is appropriate. “It looks delicious in spite of its suitability.”

“Sprouts” and “onions” are added.

To remove the odor of bean sprouts, add “vinegar and salt” to boiling water, boil it quickly, transfer it to a colander, and leave it.

Simply chop the onions and expose them to water.


A man’s dish made with an instant recipe.

The “pretty cool” family was also pleased.

The second son is in charge of cleaning up. “Thank you mom, always”