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Cooking is the best communication tool

I was born and raised in a family like the Edo period when I was taught that I shouldn’t go into the men’s kitchen, but now I’m cooking and cleaning up.

It is natural to think that “a man is a job” to support a family, but in human relations, there is nothing better than “family ties”.The family shares a destiny to live.

A family who can help youwhen you are really in trouble or when you get stuck. You should cherish it.

I noticed this when I was forced to live in long-term care for the elderly.

If you interpret it as “elderly care” that provided an environment where families can cooperate with each other,I have come to think that it is not bad even in a difficult nursing life.

In charge of today’s breakfast

An old man who can’t eat hard food. A young man with a strong appetite. Everyone has to change their menu. It’s harder to think than to make.

I will be in charge of cooking and tidying up, but I will discuss how to make it and discuss the impressions I ate. If you do the same, it’s my style to have fun.

As always, I managed to get through with a suitable man’s food.

Oyster porridge for the elderly

It’s super easy to make, just put the soup stock of commercially available udon noodles in a clay pot and simmer rice and oysters.

Oyster porridge

Oysters are rich in germs, so wash them with water and lightly boil them in boiling water. This eliminates the peculiar rocky shore odor. (Basically, I sprinkle it with potato starch and wash it, but I stopped it because it was annoying (laughs))

From the left, “wash with water,” “boil,” and “wash with water.” I think I can eat it as it is.

Next, boil the soup stock of commercially available udon noodles in a clay pot, and then Put the rice. If the oysters are stewed too much, they will shrink, so add them later. When it boils, it’s done.

If you like, you can add chopped greens, beaten eggs, seaweed, etc. to make it delicious.


Youth breakfast is a hot sandwich

Hot sandwich

The ingredients are eggs and ham.

Crush the boiled egg properly in the bowl. Shred the ham and mix. The seasonings are salt, mayonnaise and mustard.
The point is to add mustard, which makes it delicious. (When baking, apply it to bread)

Lightly coat the sliced ​​bread with mustard, set the ingredients, and bake.
Hot sandwich cookware is convenient because it automatically turns off when baked.

Be aware of nutritional balance in your diet

Building physical strength that will never lose to age. I manage nutrition myself.
My choices today are “sardine miso boiled (canned),” “auto brown,” “suimono with wakame seaweed,” and “rooibos tea.”


Although it is simple, dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals, catechins, EPA, etc. It is a healthy diet.